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How to Control the Negative Inner Voice Your Divorce Created (A Huffington Post Exclusive)

This blog originally appeared in the Huffington Post Divorce Section on 10/27/15.  The biggest lies are often the ones we tell ourselves. In my last post, “How Your Divorce Coping Mechanisms May Be Holding You Back,”  I discussed the danger of negative thoughts forming an endless loop in your head. In order to stop this, you have to understand what is controlling the loop in your head. The part of your brain that is controlling the loop is your ego. When you learn to harness your ego, you can transform the way you think to move past these self-destructive thoughts. When … Read More

The Real Superman Exists, And You’ll Never Guess Where I Found Him….(Huffington Post Exclusive)

This blog also appeared in the Huffington Post on 7/15/2015. I always thought it would be cool to be friends with Clark Kent and his alter ego Superman. On the one hand,  I could use his super strength to open vacuum-sealed packaging, hitch a ride to the city to avoid traffic, and let’s face it, who wouldn’t want x-ray vision? But on the other hand, I would really want to know how it feels to use his superhuman abilities for the benefit of humanity. The actor, Christopher Reeve, portrayed Superman both on film and in real-life when his life took a … Read More

Will I Ever Be Happy Again?

When I first read this I cried.  Not because I identified with the divorce, I’m happily married, but I identified with her pain, her struggle and, more importantly, her resilience.  Sometimes we think we are alone, that we are the only ones going through a struggle, but we aren’t.  We all ask ourselves “Will I ever be happy again?”  The answer is yes, even though at times it doesn’t feel like it.  Let this beautifully written account of one women’s journey be an inspiration to you. This blog first appeared in the Huffington Post on 5/22/15 and is reprinted with … Read More

How to Prevail Over Fear When Life Goes Sideways (Huffington Post Exclusive)

This blog also appeared on the Huffington Post on 5/13/2015. Is it possible to live fearlessly? Probably not. Fear is integral to our natural fight or flight response. It’s a protection mechanism to fend off danger. The issue, however, is that when we continually live from a place of fear, we use up all our energy on avoidance versus moving forward. Sometimes when we go through hard times, we fear rejection.  In order to avoid that feeling, you may find yourself withdrawing from the public eye.  It becomes much easier to avoid going out or to go out at odd … Read More

6 Ways To Overcome A Soul-Crushing Life Challenge (Huffington Post Exclusive)

The following blog appeared in the Huffington Post on May 3, 2015. It was never in your life plan, certainly never predicted in your high school yearbook. And yet, here you are. You’ve gone through a soul-sucking life experience and are suffering from the collateral consequences. Uncertainty, fear and disbelief rule the day. You keep waiting to wake up and find out this was all a bad dream. The problem is that wishing, wanting and waiting don’t help. Whether you’re still in the midst of the storm or idling in the aftermath, the truth is that you have to reach … Read More

When Is It Okay To Give Up the One Thing You Really Want

I really want a Vitamix. I am big time into green smoothies for breakfast and my blender isn’t cutting it.  I mean really…it isn’t cutting it.  My smoothies are big granular green messes. The problem is the Vitamix is the king of blenders; You have to be a king in order to afford one. I want one so bad that I have a picture of one hanging above my desk. I dream about this thing! (I’m a foodie so that makes perfect sense – at least to me.) I recently came into enough money to buy one.  I was in … Read More

What To Do If You Are Tired Of Being Strong

Did you ever have one of those days when something you see, hear, or think about triggers you to go down that “my life really sucks” rabbit hole? Happens to the best of us. This week it happened to me on three different occasions! I got a quick wave of panic as I heard the pity party revving up in my brain. I knew if I succumbed to it, I might just totally lose it. I thought about how good it would feel to sob, because lets face it, sometimes you get tired of being strong. Sometimes you just need … Read More

Why Negative Experiences Are Good for You

I often hear individuals lament about “why” something negative happened to them.  My simple response is, “because it was the experience that you needed.”  I know you are thinking, “Yeah I needed this like I needed a hole in the head.”  I get that.  I felt the same way and then I discovered that negative situations or experiences are placed in our life because the lesson, when learned, actually leads to a necessary transformation that we probably didn’t even realize that we needed. Through bad comes good, a concept that can be a little hard to wrap your head around.  … Read More

How to Release Negative Thoughts

I grew up with six sisters; if you think girls are neat think again!  In order to accommodate a growing household my dad had an addition added to our house.  This large room, which we called, and 35 years later still refer to as, the “new room” served as a bedroom for at least four of us and was the center for activity.  As one can imagine, trying to keep this room clean should have been a daily job; however we choose to make it a weekly project.  I don’t know who came up with the idea, but our cleaning method we employed was … Read More

Resilient Holidays

For those who are going through challenges in their life, the holidays can be a tough time. Being resilient doesn’t mean going through the holidays or any other time without stress, grief, pain or sadness. Those are real emotions. So how do you deal with those emotions? Lets look at some options. Option 1: I’ll push them down and deal with them later Sounds good in theory, however trying to just push those emotions down are akin to trying to hold a balloon under water. You can only do that so long before it jettisons up to the surface faster … Read More

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