Ham, Cheese and Vegetable Quiche

This one started as a craving for a ham & cheese sandwich and ended up a quiche!  The bottom line on quiches are to put the protein and vegetables down first, top with cheese and then pour egg mixture over.

My base was a chopped ham steak, left over grilled chopped vegetables, chopped kale.  My cheese was shredded gruyere and then I topped it with 8 whisked eggs and some snipped chives from my garden.

I cooked it for 375 for around 35 minutes but base it on your own oven.  You know when it is down when the middle has just a hint of jiggle to it.  I also had to top it with foil about 1/3 of the way through as the top was beginning to brown too much.

This is great as dinner or breakfast/brunch.



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Posted on by Mary Holloway Enterprises


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