Do You Ever Wonder “Do I Matter”?

Do I Matter?  It’s something I think about all the time.

I know I matter to those that love me, but in the overall big scheme of it

What is my role?
Do I make a difference?

Those are BIG questions.

I can tell you that you do make a difference even thought it is hard, if not impossible, to see the ripple effect we have on others. You have to trust that it is there.

So how do you create a ripple effect? A small kind act by you to just one person can create a ripple effect to others. Want to know the easiest way to do it?

Simply pay a compliment to a complete stranger.

Seriously, who does not immediately feel better when someone compliments them? How may that simple act change the recipient’s attitude and actions for the day?

That’s the idea of a small ripple effect and
YOU just created it!

Now let’s think about how can you use the challenges placed in your life to create an even bigger ripple effect?

In my last blog I highlighted Eric LeGrand, the talented college football player who unexpectedly became a quadriplegic as a result of a tackle gone wrong. (Immediately puts your life into perspective doesn’t it).
Eric knew that he had always been blessed with a can-do attitude, so he truly felt that his accident was put in his life so that he could us it to inspire others to overcome obstacles in their life.

Ripple effect….check!

For others, the answer may not be so clear. But do they need to be? You can begin having a ripple effect today. One small kind act will create a ripple. Small choices create wide circles of positive change! Then think about how you could use what was “given” to you to make even bigger ripples!

You do matter!   You can make a difference!

Here’s Part 2 of my audio interview with Eric LeGrand


You don’t have to listen to it, but if you do, It will inspire you to have a ripple effect on others!

The added bonus I got from this interview….I had to rethink and try to reframe something I was jealous of.  It made a difference to me and it can help you too!

P.S. It’s only 7 minutes!


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