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Why A Foodie Hangout?

I created a foodie hangout because I found that when you are down, losing yourself in a great recipe and eating mindfully is a great way to clear your head for a while. Plus I am a true foodie. You’ll often find me engrossed in a great cookbook, cooking magazine or watching the food network on TV. I love wandering farmers markets for inspiration and traveling to great food and wine regions. I’ll share some of my favorites culinary travel adventures and recipes here and I would love to hear from you as well.

Wedge Salad – With A Secret Ingredient

The secret ingredient here is crisped prosciutto.  It is so much easier and flavorful than bacon. The wedge is simply a wedge of iceberg lettuce, crisped prosciutto (I just crisped it in my toaster oven), cherry tomatoes, croutons I made from a left over sourdough roll and gorgonzola dressing. For the dressing I just combined gorgonzola, Hellman’s Mayo, sour cream and a little bit of a simple vinaigrette that I had in the fridge.  Don’t freak about exact measures – just mix equal amounts and taste.  Add more to your preference.  

Healthy Kale Salad

I found the secret to kale salads…..chop and massage!  Seriously you won’t believe the difference.  I take out the fibrous vein in the kale leafs and then chop the kale.  The big secret is to then massage it between your hands.  You’ ll begin to smell a sweet green aroma and the color of the kale will darken. I then add parmesan reggiano (crumbled in my food processor – I like the texture) and cherry tomatoes.  Toss with a simple vinaigrette.  This is so good it will blow your mind.  Kale without the massage can be bitter. Tip:  Buy twice … Read More

Healthy Summer Salad

This is a great healthy summer salad that I just threw together from what I had in my fridge and pantry. Chickpeas, carrots, celery, cherry peppers, roasted red pepper, mozzarella, craisens, slivered almonds, parsley, basil, and a simple vinaigrette.  I’ll add a protein such as chicken if I want to make this more of a meal versus a side.

Wood Fired Outdoor Pizza Oven

This is my pride and joy! You’ll see a lot of recipes here that I cook in this but most are adaptable to a grill or hot oven!

Healthy Cauliflower Soup

This recipe tastes like there is cream added but there isn’t!   It is such a great soup and very easy to make! 1 head of cauliflower 6 cups of chicken stock 3 cloves of garlic (skin on) Remove the bottom core of the cauliflower and break into pieces.  Place these on a cookie sheet along with garlic and drizzle with EVOO, salt and pepper.  Cook in a 375 degree oven for 20 minutes or until starting to brown and caramelize. Place vegetables in a soup pot.  Add chicken stock and simmer for 15 minutes.  Emulsify the soup with an … Read More

St. Patrick’s Day Reubens

Okay so today was not a day to watch calories!  I made some fantastic Reuben Sandwiches and served them with sautéed cabbage, onions and noodles. The Reuben itself was easy and I won’t bore you with the recipe but needless to say it is Corned Beef, Sauerkraut, Swiss Cheese (I use Jarlsburg) and Thousand Island Dressing on seeded rye. Simply grill it in a skillet or grill pan.  The secret for mine is two-fold.  Instead of buttering the bread, put mayo on instead.  It creates this fantastic crust.  I also make my own Thousand Island dressing.  It really is so … Read More

Irish Cream Cakes

A friend gave me this recipe years ago and it has never failed to please.  The best thing about it is that it takes literally minutes to make.  I love any dessert recipe where you just throw all ingredients in and simply mix!  This is always a St. Patricks Day favorite but honestly it’s good any time of the year! Let me know if you like it! Irish Cream Cakes Ingredients: 1 package (18.5-ounce) white cake mix 1 package (   6.0 ounce) instant vanilla pudding mix 1 1/3 cups Bailey’s Irish cream liqueur 1 cup miniature chocolate chips 4 eggs … Read More

Tilefish with Roasted Vegetables

I have a great fishmonger who always has a great selection of fish. I choose tilefish for today’s recipe. Tilefish is a firm but tender white fish with a delicate sweet flavor due to its diet of crab and shrimp! I was trying to eat healthy, due to the impending holiday season, so I prepared it simply with roasted vegetables. This recipe would also work well with grouper, halibut or snapper. You can also vary the vegetables that you use based on what is in your fridge. INGREDIENTS 1 pound tilefish filet cut into two portions (have your fishmonger remove … Read More

Split Pea Soup

I was craving spiral sliced ham the other day and because it is just my husband and I I knew I had to come up with a lot of uses for it so it did not go to waste. For the next week or so everything came with ham! Ham Slices, Grilled Ham & Cheese, Ham Salad, Ham & Egg Frittata were some of the dishes I made. I was left with a great ham bone so I froze it and made this great split pea soup a few weeks later. I like my split pea to be hearty (I … Read More

Soppressata Sandwich with Fried Egg

I got the idea for this sandwich from iron chef Michael Symon. He reigns from my hometown of Cleveland Ohio so I knew it would be good, unlike the Cleveland Browns! I changed the recipe a bit due to what I had in my fridge and the result was so good that my husband craves this sandwich. Pan toasting the sandwich in the rendered soppressata fat is what really makes this sandwich what it is. If you are looking to save calories you can pre-toast the bread instead. This sandwich would be good for breakfast, lunch or a light dinner. … Read More

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